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How long is the service life of the power capacitor

by:SMiLer     2022-01-11
The service life of the various manufacturers of power capacitor is different, for cook cooper parallel power capacitor, the service life is more than 15 years, this number is after tens of thousands of times of experiments. The factors influencing the service life of the electric power capacitor power capacitor is specially developed for used in compensation system, has dramatically changed grid conditions, choosing the right capacitor technology more and more important. The service life of power capacitor depends on the following factors: overload continuous working time under the circumstance of environment temperature and the corresponding box shell temperature maximum effective current and the corresponding box shell temperature maximum voltage and the duration of each factor is calculated using life is for the nominal working condition, if need to emphasize the factors listed above is less than the IEC 60831 parameters, then the capacitor has a long service life, accordingly, when more than allow parameters, life will shorten while increasing failure rate. In our distribution system harmonic load continues to grow. In the foreseeable future, maybe only reactance combination types of compensation system will be suitable for use. A lot of power supply company has provisions can only be installed with reactive compensation system. Other companies must follow their rules. If a user decides to continue to use non reactive compensation system, he should at least choose higher rated voltage of capacitor. This kind of capacitor that can tolerate higher harmonic load, but can't avoid resonance accident. How to prolong the service life of power capacitor through other channels we also understand that the quality of the service life of power capacitor and power capacitor, electric power capacitor running environment of the intimate relationship. So we should be how to maintain the power capacitors, to prolong the service life of power capacitor? Choose good quality power capacitor to prolong the service life of power capacitor, the first thing to choose good quality power capacitor. If the quality of electric power capacitor is poorer, harmonic currents and will lead to damage of power capacitor. For electrical breakdown, oil leakage, oil leakage, etc. , can choose dry self-healing power capacitor, reduce the failure rate of power capacitor. To avoid electric power capacitor under the influence of environmental factors could prolong the service life of power capacitor, also need to avoid power capacitor is influenced by environmental factors. When using power capacitor, guarantee the electric power capacitor working environment of ventilation ability; Capacitor inside contain overvoltage protection; A harmonic, harmonic governance and so on. Inspection and maintenance of power capacitor on time every day on time to observe and record the operation of the power capacitor; Timely replacement of the damaged power capacitor, to avoid causing greater fault; Regular cleaning, prevent the short circuit, etc. Cooper electric cook cook cooper electrical focused on security and stability of the low voltage power capacitor, and cook cooper electrical commitment to sold the product warranty for three years, three years in damaged can be replaced. And cook cooper power capacitor using nitrogen filling - Dry type oilless structure, to solve the problem of electric power capacitor oil leakage, oil spill.
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