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Fujian torch multilayer ceramic capacitor through the acceptance

by:SMiLer     2021-01-20
Fujian torch multilayer ceramic capacitor through acceptance of the project using the trace content added and preparation technology and has the international advanced level of 'screen film wet printing integrated molding' production process, using a variety of structure optimization design, improve the uniformity of internal structure after sintering ceramic media, so as to ensure the accuracy and high reliability of multilayer ceramic capacitors capacitors. Project results 'laminated ceramic capacitor with security failure mode' won the national utility model patent, patent application for invention has preliminary examination. Products in China to produce the technical performance indicators meet the standard requirements of high-tech products, to alleviate the domestic high voltage, high current load capacity of switching power supply capacitor increasing market demand, reduce the dependence on imports, capacitor market in China to help improve China's domestic switch power components products, improve the overall competitiveness of switch power supply components production enterprises in China. During the project implementation, the company build 6000 square meters factory building in jiangnan hi-tech park, form the annual output of 30 million yuan of large-scale production capacity; Form the torch of fujian electronic technology co. , LTD. , torch electronic laboratory won the recognition of China's conformity assessment accreditation council for national certificate. The torch electronic was founded in 1987, now including the torch electronic components factory, quanzhou quanzhou city torch electronic co. , LTD. , the torch international co. , LTD. ( Located in Hong Kong) The torch, suzhou co. , LTD. And several overseas branches. Torch grasps 'the good faith specialization,' the enterprise idea, based on the top journals in the industry and trade combination of passive components of the excellent supporting suppliers. The current main business torch monolithic capacitor research and development, manufacturing and TaiyoYuden ( Taiyo yuden) ,( American) HDK ( Hokuriku) International brands such as agent for the sale.
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