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Film capacitors in the analysis of application of new energy vehicles

by:SMiLer     2021-01-17
New energy vehicles refers to the use of unconventional vehicle fuel as power source, new energy vehicles including hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, hydrogen engine cars, and other new energy ( Such as high-efficiency accumulator, dimethyl ether) Cars and other kinds of products. Motor, battery and motor control technology is the three core new energy vehicles. Motor control technology is the core of the need to efficiently control the inverter technology, high efficient motor control of the inverter technology requires a powerful IGBT module and a matching early supporting the technical advantages of capacitor film capacitor dc dc support membrane capacitance are using electrolytic capacitor, along with the development of the plastic film technology, especially the basal membrane technology development and metallization using integral technology, not only makes the volume of a thin film capacitor in the do at the same time, the smaller the product remains in the level of the withstand voltage level, now more and more companies using high temperature of polypropylene film capacitor as support dc capacitance, a typical example is the improvement of the Toyota company RIUS models; Typical representative and domestic automakers is byd F3DM and E6, film capacitor is used as dc capacitance. The first generation of the Toyota Prius using filter capacitor is electrolytic capacitor, starting from the second generation, began to use thin film filter capacitor group a. Product has good security, overpressure resistant capability is strong because the film capacitor has self-healing phenomenon, and the design of thin film capacitor is in accordance with the standards of 1 ec61071, electric capacitive reactance surge voltage capacity greater than 1. Five of the rated voltage, and capacitance using membrane technology, as shown in figure 4, won't produce the phenomenon of short circuit breakdown capacitance theory, which greatly improved the security of this kind of capacitor, the typical failure mode is open. In the applications of specific capacitance of peak voltage resistance and capacitance of the important index. In fact, allows for electrolytic capacitors under the waves of surge voltage is 1. 2 times, this kind of situation forced consumers to consider peak voltage rather than the nominal voltage. b。 Good temperature characteristic, the product temperature range is wide, can from - 40 c - 105 c dc support film capacitor using the high temperature of polypropylene film, polyester film and electrolytic capacitors no temperature stability, specific as follows in figure 5, figure 6. Can be seen from the figure 5, with the increase of temperature, polypropylene film capacitor capacity overall is declining, but the decline in proportion is very small, about 300 PPM/C; Polyester film at high temperature stage or in low temperature stage, capacity with the temperature change is big, is + 200 ~ + 600 PPM/C. C frequency stability, good frequency characteristic product at present most of the controller switch frequency in about 10 KHZ, which requires the products of high frequency performance is good, for polyester film capacitors and electrolytic capacitor, this requirement is a difficult problem. d。 No polarity, can withstand the reverse voltage film capacitor electrode is nanoscale metal deposition on the membrane, the product has no polarity, so is very convenient for users, do not need to consider the question is negative; But for electrolytic capacitor, if more than 1. Un 5 times the reverse voltage is added on the electrolytic capacitor, internal chemical reaction will cause capacitance. g。 Low ESL inverter DC - inductor design requirements for the main components The Link capacitor should have an extremely low inductance. High performance DC - Link dc filter film capacitor by integrating bus to the capacitor module, make it to minimize the self inductance ( 《30nH) , greatly reduce the shock effect under the necessary switching frequency. Therefore, parallel in DC - Link capacitor often omitted, _ on the absorption of capacitance capacitor electrodes directly to GBT. On. So, this film sensors in the process of realization of railway electrification of the role is also very important. Conclusion high performance DC - LINK film capacitor is a kind of adopting new technology and metal seven thin film technology of capacitor, it increases the energy density of traditional film capacitor, the capacitance is smaller. The other one aspect of it through the way of integrating capacitor core and bus to satisfy clients' demand for the size of the flexible, not only make the inverter module is more compact, also greatly reduce the stray inductance in the application circuit, the circuit performance is more superior. Electric vehicles used in the circuit design of high voltage, RMS current, overvoltage, reverse voltage, peak current, as well as the requirements of long life, thin film capacitor is the electric car as the best choice of the dc capacitor support
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