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Film capacitors capacitance belong to?

by:SMiLer     2021-01-16
Plastic film is a kind of electronic components, are used in many household electrical appliances, application range is very wide. Plastic film is made of metal foil, polypropylene, polystyrene, and so on material of electronic components. Has many advantages, superior performance, it is now the mainstream of the capacitor. Thin film is film capacitor foil as the electrode capacitance classification, its and poly (ethyl acetate, polypropylene, polystyrene and polycarbonate plastic film, from the ends of overlapping, capacitor winding into the structure of the cylinder. And depending on the species of plastic film respectively called ethyl poly capacitance ( Also known as the tool capacity) , the polypropylene capacitor ( Also known as PP capacitance) , polystyrene capacitor ( Also known as the PS capacitance) And poly (carbonate capacitance. According to the thin film to classification can be divided into four types about, respectively is: 1. Poly (ethyl ester capacitance ( Also known as the tool capacity) 2. Polypropylene capacitor ( Also known as PP capacitance) The CBB fall into this category 3. Polystyrene capacitor ( Also known as the PS capacitance) 4. These capacitance of the poly carbonate roughly similar in structure, and paper. Mostly use of polystyrene and other materials. These thin film capacitor has good stability, small volume, large capacity, and so on characteristics, commonly used for bypass capacitors in the circuit. Pp capacitance and ps are numerous film capacitors in the best performance, pp capacitance and ps capacitance is also, of course, the price is the most expensive of all the film capacitance capacitor. Audio equipment are often used in pp quality capacitors and ps capacitance, manufacturers often use two capacitance to advertise, seen in pp paper capacitance and ps capacitance in stereo equipment. Thin film capacitor feature film capacitor because of has many excellent properties, therefore is a kind of excellent performance capacitors. Its main sex, such as the following: no polarity, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristic ( Wide frequency response) Small and medium loss. Based on the above advantages, so the film capacitor is widely used in analog circuit. Especially in the part of signal coupling, must use good frequency characteristic and low dielectric loss of capacitor, to ensure that the signal transmission, does not have the too big distortion occurs. Among all of the plastic film capacitors, again with polypropylene ( PP) Capacitance and polystyrene ( PS) Capacitance characteristics of the most significant, and of course the price of this two kinds of capacitor. In recent years, however, audio equipments in order to improve the quality of sound, parts material has been used by more and more advanced, the price is not the most important factor, so in recent years the PP capacitance and PS capacitor is used in audio equipment of the frequency and quantity is higher and higher also. Film capacitor structure film capacitors adjustable general specifically to film capacitor, it is by the multi-layer aluminum with brass screw together, making decisions and in film, insulation is adjustable to adjust the handle of aluminium do move together and then inserted into the mutual insulation film, using the handle screwing in selected change capacitance, made of double, is called polyester film double variable capacitor. A variety of other capacitors, each other can be equivalent to two pieces of metal plate of the insulation, with advantages of film capacitor structure film capacitor lead film capacitor main advantages: high insulation resistance, good heat resistance. Self-healing and non-inductive characteristics. With excellent dielectric properties, and capacitance loss Angle over a wide range of frequency has nothing to do with frequency, with the temperature change is very small, and the dielectric strength increased with temperature rise, this is other dielectric materials. High temperature resistant, small absorption coefficient.
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