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Film capacitor using the common failures and solutions

by:SMiLer     2021-01-18
Film capacitor because of has many excellent properties, without polarity, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristic ( Wide frequency response) Small and medium loss. So the film capacitor is widely used in analog circuit. Film capacitor current operation is very regular, but in the use of film capacitor we will find that the current appear abnormal situation, this time we what to do with this problem? The common fault of the film capacitor film capacitor is similar to the manufacture of aluminum electrolytic capacitor method and polarization, not restricted their storage time, however, can work long time under the condition of no dc polarity. Instantaneous reverse voltage generally will not damage the capacitor, and aluminum electrolytic capacitor is different. Practice is not necessarily always has a dc bias voltage. Nonpolar tantalum capacitor can be made, but the price is more expensive, and not use after storage. If two identical tantalum capacitor in series, back-to-back non-polar capacitors can be calculated out. Half of the total electricity capacity of each series capacitor, namely C / 2. A good performance of film capacitor in the moment of turning on the power supply, multimeter whose hands should have large swing; Whose hands of film capacitor capacity is larger, the swing is, the greater the wobble, the clock will gradually return to zero. If the capacitor at the instant of the electricity, the multimeter pointer does not swing, then capacitor failure or circuit; If the clock has instructed the power supply voltage and not as a swing, show that capacitor have been breakdown short circuit; If the clock oscillation is normal, but do not return to zero, capacitor have leakage phenomenon. An improper, within the scope of the current selection range current improper selection, produce more position is dc sustain and harmonic vibration. Nature need of current value if than film capacitor allowed by current value is big, can form the membrane capacitance heat effects, long-term high temperature operation, cause film capacitor use fixed number of year drops greatly, serious may crack and even is burning. In configuration tests, allow by exclusive of current probe or another method, measuring the peak current of real demand, and then transfer the parameters of the capacitor. Can be configured in power degradation test survey about the rise of temperature of the thin film capacitors, on the basis of the rise of temperature of the thin film capacitor allow parameters to identify film capacitor acquisition fits. Second, improper wire connection wire connection mode, key to produce more than in the thin film capacitor in parallel circuit using. Because of wiring method, linear interval of different reasons, such as to cause each parallel capacitors in electronic circuit shunt is not the same. Performance in a number of shunt capacitors, each of the temperature rise is not the same. Part of the location of the film capacitor temperature is too high, have destroyed the accident. Therefore, necessary for film capacitors in parallel to exercise proper wiring and connection, as far as possible to do, on average, thin film capacitor use fixed number of year. Three, beyond the prescribed scope of voltage beyond the prescribed scope, produce the most aspects are part of a harmonic vibration. Developer shall, in accordance with the use of the configuration of power, the input voltage, the circuit topology, load permeability, electronic circuit Q factor and other parameters as a comprehensive thinking after a preliminary plan. Until the prototype began after reaching condition, substantial survey the configuration during the period of the output power, the electricity peak, on both sides of the film capacitor series resonance parameters, such as further determine whether the film capacitor model and parameters adopted by the accurate. Ink capacitor faults and solution case analysis I have been in use empty PGJ1-400 v switch 5 type reactive power compensation, the screen in a BCMJ type parallel capacitor 10 only screen, each rated output 16 kvar, rated voltage is 0. 4 kv, rated current 25 a, category - temperature 25 c / 45 c connection. Of the two the cause of the accident has made the earnest analysis and processing. The cause of the problem in high ambient temperature the reactive power compensation installation screen in the 400 v switch inside the empty, indoor, a total of 8 sets of switchgear and planimeter 30 m2, the opposite is SZ7 - 800kVA 35kV/0. 4 transformer room, the overall poor ventilation conditions, hot due day switch indoor temperature up to 48 c k, thus the environment temperature is one of the reasons caused an explosion of the capacitance. By considering the system frequency is low, $when capacitor capacity decreased, in fact: choose XC impedance is 5% ~ 6%.
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