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Film capacitor structure and classification

by:SMiLer     2021-01-17
Thin film capacitor ( Film Capacitor) Also called plastic film capacitor ( PlasTIc Film Capacitor) 。 The plastic film as the dielectric. Film capacitor film capacitance internal structural forms are mainly: to foil ( Or on the plastic metal processing and foil) As the electrode plates to plastic as the dielectric. By coiling or cascading process. Foil and membrane structure derived from different arrangement and ways. This is the structure of the thin film capacitor. Film capacitor classification film capacitor transition from medium, the electrode, electrode, lead wire, encapsulation, seal marks or other parts. According to the classification of medium: polyester film, polypropylene film. According to the structure classification, coiling, chip stack, the string type. Classified by the electrode foil, metallization ( Metal aluminum, zinc aluminum metallized) , membrane foil composite structure. According to the electrode leads to pattern classification: radial and axial. According to encapsulation methods of classification: cassette, impregnation, naked. Summary of film capacitor is closest to the ideal capacitor, the disadvantage is the high cost, large volume, but in a high pressure, high power, high frequency, high stability, high reliability, long life and other aspects have an advantage, applied in automobile, motorcycle, replace the electrolysis in wind power, photovoltaic and other equipment.
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