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Film capacitor selection often appear what problem

by:SMiLer     2021-03-11
Film capacitor selection, improper selection problems in A rated voltage improper selection rated voltage is the most resonant circuit part ( C5) 。 Developers should according to the rated power device, the input voltage, the circuit topology, inverter control mode, load material, magnetic load rate, load circuit parameters such as Q value as a comprehensive consideration for preliminary calculation. After being met the requirement of the initial prototype, need to use oscilloscope and high voltage probe, the actual measure equipment at the time of maximum power, fengfeng values at the ends of the resonant capacitor voltage, peak voltage, RMS voltage, the parameters such as resonance frequency, resonance capacitor is used to determine the choice of models and parameters are correct. Improper selection to incorrect B rated current rated current is the most C3 ( Dc support) And C5 ( Resonance) Part. The actual needs of current value if larger than allowed by the current value of capacitor, so heat will cause the capacitor is serious, long-term high temperature work, lead to significantly reduce capacitor life, serious will blow up or even burst into flames. In equipment research and development, may, by way of special current probe or other measure of the actual need of peak current and RMS current value, and then adjust the parameters of the capacitor. Finally through equipment in full power aging test, measure the rise of temperature of the condenser, according to the rise of temperature of the capacitor to allow proper parameters to determine the selection of the capacitor. ( Current measurement and temperature rise to comprehensive evaluation) C the improper connection way, mainly appears in be used more than capacitor in parallel. Inconsistent due to the connection mode, go line distance factor, causes each parallel capacitor in the circuit of the shunt is inconsistent. Finally reflected in more than parallel capacitor, the temperature rise of each only. Individual position of condenser temperature rise too high, burned. Therefore, need for capacitor in parallel with reasonable wiring and connection, as far as possible to do both flow, improve the service life of the capacitor. Four film capacitor using the waveform C3 reference voltage wave form ( 505V/300HZ) C3 ripple voltage waveform ( 38 v / 23。 3千赫) C5 resonance current waveform ( Ip=84A Irms=60A ) C4 absorption capacitance waveform ( Vce = 581 v F = 19。 6千赫) Summarize the increasingly electromagnetic heating equipment applications, the use of film capacitor is becoming more and more high requirements and performance parameters.
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