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Film capacitor prospect and market

by:SMiLer     2021-01-18
As the world now advocate low carbon environmental protection, green travel, the development of new energy electric vehicles more and more quickly, the traditional aluminum electrolytic capacitor proportion is reducing, with more advanced, more environmental protection film capacitor boarded the stage of age gradually. Film capacitor as a basic electronic components, are widely used in lighting, household appliances, automobiles, and new energy such as solar energy, wind energy, the lighting area is the most domestic main business areas. Only 2015 fluorescent rectifier with thin film capacitor market size is as high as 3. 5 billion yuan, equivalent to the 22% of the total size of the thin film capacitor markets in the world. In 16 years up to now, because the LED technology is more and more mature, more and more replaced LED fluorescent lamp as light source, and because the film capacitor in the amount of LED lights are very few, are almost more than 8 w LED is used, such as lighting field film capacitor market began to shrink. Expanding global film capacitor industry, China has begun to become the dominant force, according to the China electronics industry association statistics information center, the global film capacitor production mainly concentrated in Europe and the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other regions. With the rapid development of China's economy and global procurement, film capacitor in China market in 2017 output value of about $1. 3 billion, about 42% of the total output value of the global market, the world's first. According to statistics, 2016 film capacitor in China's largest regional market for east China area, achieve output on 41. 400 million yuan, reached 48 in proportion in the whole market. 75%. Also in south China and northeast China, production scale reached 14 respectively. 11 and 400 million yuan. 400 million yuan. Taken together, the film capacitor industry regional distribution is very uneven, three areas of north China, northwest and southwest combined accounted for only about 11%, and combined, by about 65% in east China and south China region, industrial concentration is higher. The development prospects of film capacitor is huge, because it has no polarity, high pressure, wide frequency response, good temperature characteristic advantage, such as in the rectifier, inverter, inverter, and other areas of the converter circuit applications, was deeply loved by the manufacturer.
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