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Farah capacitor anode how to distinguish between _ farad capacitor is good or bad how to judge

by:SMiLer     2021-02-21
Farah capacitor is super capacitor. Farah capacitor belongs to the electric double layer capacitors, it is the world of the electric double layer capacitor production capacity is one of the biggest, its basic principle and other kinds of electric double layer capacitors, is activated carbon by using porous electrodes and the electrolyte of electric double layer structure for large capacity. Capacity: the capacity of capacitance, i. e. , the capacity of storage charge. The basic unit of capacity for ferrari, F) , but we are common on the mainboard micro method ( μ F) , leather method ( pF) And other units ( Conversion relationship for 1 ferrari = 1000000 micro method, micro method 1 = 1000 = 1000000 skin method) 。 Capacity is the outright, such as GSC4700 & mu; F, in general the indicators is the bigger the better. Pressure value: it refers to the rated temperature range capacitance can work long time reliable maximum dc voltage or the effective value of ac voltage, different capacity have different pressure value, mostly 6. 3 v ~ 16 v. Heat resistance value: the value of heat-resistant capacity can withstand the highest working temperature. General condenser heat resistance value is 85 ℃ or 105 ℃, and beside the CPU power supply circuit of capacitance value of heat-resistant is 105 ℃. Other indicators: some capacitance and a golden stripline, emblazoned with a large hollow letters, I said it should belong to the LOWESR low-loss capacitors. The ESR (some capacitance emblem Equivalent resistance) The lower the value, the ESR, the smaller the loss, the greater the output current, low ESR capacitor quality is pretty good. Characteristics ( 1) Fast charging and charge to 10 seconds to 10 minutes can reach more than 95% of its rated capacity; ( 2) Circulation service life is long, the depth of the charge and discharge cycle times can reach 1 ~ 500000 times, no memory effect; ( 3) Large current discharge capacity, high energy conversion efficiency, process losses small, large current energy cycle efficiency & ge; 90%; ( 4) High power density, which may reach 300 w/w/KG to 5000 KG, the equivalent of 5 ~ 10 times of the battery; ( 5) Product raw material, production, use, storage and process are no pollution, is an ideal green environmental protection power source; ( 6) Charge and discharge circuit is simple, without charging battery charging circuit, high safety coefficient, the long-term use of free maintenance; ( 7) Good cryogenic properties, wide temperature range 40℃~+70℃; ( 8) Convenient detection, remaining power can be read directly; ( 9) Capacity is usually range is 0. 1 f - - 1000F。 Farah capacitance is negative how to distinguish the button type: V type and H type of positive electrode in a small plane ( On the cover) , bedding face is negative; Type C pin length is short. Guide line: lead long is short. Ox horn type ( Plate type) : terminal surface patterns is negative, no decorative pattern is the anode. Bolt type and a column type: general shell as the anode, cover as the cathode. Then, general casing of the product in the casing above have polarity identification, polarity identification of nearest the polarity of the terminal is identified.
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