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ESD capacitance what problem is there?

by:SMiLer     2021-03-10
ESD capacity problems if you have any unused pins, automotive electronic module so we how to deal with? We can consider in processing, directly connected to the ground plane. If there is one rf receive module, grounding of the pin may be the cause of radio frequency (rf) accept to reduce the performance of, this time will not be able to use the grounding way, must use ESD discharge capacitance and resistance to eliminate the influence of static electricity. It is common, there is an exception if the unused pins near the power supply or HSD output, we have to consider take these pin capacitance or the ground. Obviously, if the pin is less than 5 mm, adjacent, in the process of continuous plug pins may bend, it will cause serious break accident, it is not allowed. ESD discharge capacitance and resistance, of course, not necessarily must be received, can also received a low impedance of the power supply. All these measures are to prevent static electricity from unexpected path is passed on to the board. We see ISO10605 description when we in the design of ESD capacitance, capacitance value of the capacitance is limited, the rated voltage is limited, how to choose? Summarized as follows: size and capacitance voltage value for a particular ESD test, the smaller the capacity value, added to the capacitor on the voltage is higher, can come to the conclusion that the reference ESR discharge model. Capacitance value is big, can resist high level. Actual plus on the capacitor voltage is affected by the air discharge, and the shell container is related to the size of the filling material and the rated voltage here there are a few points to note, first C0G this kind of material of the capacitance of the most stable and best performance for ESD experimentation, secondly, the greater the rated voltage of capacitor high-level ESD experiment more help. The same size of capacitor, rated voltage increases, the capacity is limited by value ( Capacitance under the condition of developing faster and faster, this kind of situation is improving. ) Capacitance packaging size size on ESD ability, if it is the same capacitance value and under the condition of the same rated voltage. The smaller the encapsulation, the maximum achievable capacity is restricted, under the condition of rated voltage is the same. Decrease the capacitor encapsulation under harsh ESD requirements need to be careful. 0603 the resistance of the common used in lower ESD requirement, air breakdown is a major factor. Less than 0603 cannot use. The effect of voltage increase the capacitance value, it is almost the same C0G, X7R increases, high voltage rating will weaken the impact. Will this work in small package. Below as the experiment and analysis of data, from KEMET analysis report
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