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Electrolytic capacitor measurement small experience

by:SMiLer     2021-01-22
Electrolytic capacitor is one of the most commonly used electronic components in electronic circuit, its quality is good or bad, not only affects the performance of electronic products, sometimes even an explosion, adverse consequences. Electrolytic capacitor has a capacity of available compared to the size of the method to estimate, but the general users can't measure pressure value, measured with general hipot tester cannot withstand voltage value of the electrolytic capacitor. Here is a simple electrolytic capacitor voltage test circuit, See the figure) , despite the circuit is simple, but the measurements are accurate. Measurement circuit components selection: if access to 220 v circuit to measure ( As shown in figure) Shows, the withstand voltage value of capacitor C1 should choose more than 400 v, to ensure the measurement without being breakdown, capacity selection of 0. 1 u F; D1 ~ D4 chooses one n4007 authenticity, C2 is measured capacitors. Test method: as shown in figure 1 circuit connected and the C2 on both ends of the voltage is measured with a multimeter, C2 on both ends of the voltage will gradually rise, no longer rise when increases to a certain value, the voltage at the ends of the C2 is the breakdown voltage of capacitor, the capacitor current job in breakdown state, current limiting function by dry capacitor C1, small current school, capacitor C2, though a breakdown, but it is not damaged, capacitance in a moment will be fever, this is normal phenomenon, but can't keep the capacitor is overheating. In actual measurement, if the capacitor C2 capacity is very big, to be measured at the ends of the C2 voltage rises slowly, then can be C1 increase the capacity of the can.
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