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Electrolytic capacitor is negative how to identify?

by:SMiLer     2021-01-22
We all know capacitance, it is a kind of wide application of electronic components, such as tablets, liquid crystal TV, digital cameras and other electronic products will be applied to, and as one of the electrolytic capacitor and classification, be of great use. So, everybody know electrolytic capacitors are negative how to identify? Here are together and see it. A, what is electrolytic capacitors is a kind of capacitance, metal foil as the anode ( Aluminum or tantalum) With the positive close to metal oxide film ( Alumina or tantalum pentoxide) Is the dielectric, cathode by a conductive material, electrolyte ( The electrolyte can be a liquid or solid) And other materials, because of the electrolyte is a key part of the cathode, electrolytic capacitor hence the name. At the same time, electrolytic capacitor plus or minus is wrong. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor can be divided into four classes: led linear aluminum electrolytic capacitor; Ox horn type aluminum electrolytic capacitor; Bolt type aluminum electrolytic capacitor; Solid aluminium electrolytic capacitor. Second, the electrolytic capacitor is negative how to identify 1, bolt type electrolytic capacitor is negative recognition. Bolt type aluminium electrolytic capacitors on the casing with clear level of plus or minus sign, the anode with '+' and negative '- 'Said. Most of the bolt capacitance on the cover of terminal side is engraved with '+', '- 'Sign. 2, welding pieces of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is negative. Welding pieces of aluminum electrolytic capacitor and call horn capacitance, all manufacturers are currently choose 'negative identity', namely casing '- 'Identify the corresponding welding needle as the cathode. Welding pieces of electrolytic capacitor is negative on the cover plate have distinction, mostly take negative 'embossed' to identify, also has the electrolytic capacitor manufacturer directly printed on the rivet '+', '- 'Sign. 3, the structure of the lead electrolytic capacitor is negative recognition. Lead electrolytic capacitor structure is adopt 'negative identity', namely casing '- 'Identify the corresponding lead to negative. And according to the length of the lead to identify, long lead to positive, short lead to negative. 4, chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor is negative recognition. Chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor and call SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors, chip aluminum electrolytic capacitor is no casing, so at the bottom of the aluminum shell bearing capacity, the voltage across the electrodes, and related information. The application of electrolytic capacitor with electrolytic capacitor polarity usually in power supply circuit or intermediate frequency and low frequency circuit power supply filtering, decoupling, such as signal coupling and time constant is set, the dc insulation effect. Generally cannot be used for the ac power circuit, the dc power supply circuit for the use of filter capacitance, the anode ( The anode) With the positive at the connection of the power supply voltage, cathode ( Cathode) Connected to the power supply voltage of the cathode at, not against, otherwise it will damage capacitors. Nonpolar electrolytic capacitor is usually used in speaker frequency divider circuit, the TV S correction circuit and single phase motor starting circuit. Electrolytic capacitor is widely used in household appliances and various kinds of electronic products, the scope of its capacity is larger, general is 1 ~ 33000 u F, rated voltage range of 6. 3 ~ 700 v。 The downside is dielectric loss (error, capacity, The maximum allowable deviation is + 100%, - 20%) , poor resistance to high temperature and long storage time to failure. The polarity of the electrolytic capacitor, observed in the side of the electrolytic capacitor has '- 'Is negative,' + 'is positive, if not specified on the electrolytic capacitor is negative, can also according to the length of the pin it to judge, long feet is positive, negative short feet. Electrolytic capacitor is negative how to identify? In this paper, on the small make up made simple introduction for you. Actually, the discrimination method is relatively simple, generally marked is the cathode, in addition, small make up also to introduce the principle and characteristics of electrolytic capacitors, and other related content, you can also learn about.
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