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Electrolytic capacitor in series is the non-polar capacitors

by:SMiLer     2021-01-24
Two electrolytic capacitors in parallel, of course not. Two electrolytic capacitor in series without appropriate bias voltage still doesn't work. Bias voltage is fairly complex, especially the capacitance ( Two series) Both ends (not a grounded Bias voltage must be floating) 。 Considering the complexity of bias voltage, don't use this method: that connected the two negative capacitance level, on the two capacitance and high current diode, the diode is negative capacitance, diode negative capacitance are parallel, of course, there are still polarity, if the parallel is the non-polarity, but can't use nonpolar. If reverse series, nor desirable, if you go to do the test, will find that there must be a capacitor to bear the pressure, if the voltage is bigger will blow up, unless you add special measures, always let a voltage capacitance under positive pressure. Impression seen in a magazine, said two of the same capacity can electrolytic capacitor in series, but must echo a diode in parallel in order to prevent the electrolytic capacitor reverse breakdown, I used, the effect also can. Add a diode, if it is used to filter can also, but certainly not used to direct isolation. Because only charge not discharge electrolysis. Two of the same electrolytic capacitor series reverse generation of nonpolar can capacity remains the same. Electrolysis of dielectric loss is very big, want to receive China can be greatly reduced after the ac voltage circuit. Otherwise, not to burn, is Fried.
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