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Electrical capacitance change big

by:SMiLer     2021-02-09
The effect after electric capacitive capacitance has the function of every direct hand in battery internal resistance in tenths of Europe, and is resistant to electricity electric motor drives, it is a frequency conversion device, function an inverter at work, with a certain sequence of electrical impulses into the motor. Make rotation torque motor, drive in the process of working through its current pulse is shipped, in order to reduce the influence of battery internal resistance on the drive. Can a large capacitor in parallel, when the frequency of the drive is high enough, capacitance equivalent exchange short circuit, so the drive current is not under the influence of battery internal resistance. Electrical capacitance change too much how big capacitor motor current is big, too small capacitance motor starting force will become smaller, going to be starting, so the capacitor must be appropriate. Its capacitance capacitor operation of the generator shall be FuYuan request 10% left, starting with the original value of the capacitance than larger but not small, lest cause start-up difficulties or unable to. Maintenance of motor, if with improper selection of capacitor will have serious consequences for the motor. Replace the start-up and running capacitor, had better choose the same as the original configuration parameters of capacitance. If the capacitor is damaged, also don't know or can't see with parameters.
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