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CPTC ceramic thermistor

by:SMiLer     2021-03-15
CPTC ceramic thermistor PTCR ( 正温度系数的电阻) Is a very high positive temperature coefficient thermistor ceramic, mainly is the ferroelectric materials BaTIO3 through semi-conducting changes after doping shows strong? PTC effect - Low temperature resistance, with the increase of temperature, near the Curie point mutations, produce the change of several orders of magnitude, resistivity has risen sharply, the present state of high resistance, showing the material of PTC effect. Due to the characteristics of PTC thermistor, post and telecommunications, home appliances, automobile industry and many other fields has been widely used. The temperature coefficient of resistance of the resistor was high; Curie temperature of the resistor can be in - 40 ℃ to 320 ℃ within the scope of regulation; Resistor value range can choose between Ω Ω 1 to 10 k; Applicable to wide working voltage range, maximum voltage to 1000 v; Can realize the diversity of structure; Circuit with simple and low power consumption. Applications: electronic ballasts and energy-saving lamps start with thermistor CPTC motor start, frequency conversion air conditioning, start with CPTC thermistor general line over-current protection, program-controlled telephone exchanges with thermistor CPTC? Color TV, colorful display degaussing? With CPTC thermistor temperature compensation with CPTC thermistor
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