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Condenser heat characteristic and measuring method

by:SMiLer     2022-01-10
1. Hot as the miniaturization of electronic equipment about capacitor? Lightweight, high density parts installation, low exothermicity, easy to elevated temperature device. Especially the power output circuit components of fever has important effect on equipment temperature rise, but the capacitor by large current USES ( Smooth switch power supply, high frequency wave power amplifier output connection is used, etc. ) Arises from the composition of capacitor loss in power consumption, make their fever factors can not be ignored. So should be within the range does not affect the reliability of the capacitor inhibit condenser temperature rise. An ideal capacitor is only capacity components, but the actual including capacitor electrode resistance, dielectric loss, electrode inductance, expressed by the equivalent circuit in figure 1. Figure. 1 ac current through this kind of capacitor, due to the resistance of the capacitor component ( ESR) And production. 1 - 1 the power consumption of Pe, capacitor fever. 2. Condenser heat characteristic of the capacitor's own heating characteristics measurement should be in the condenser temperature to restrain convection, radiation surface exothermic or fixture for heat transfer of heat release condition. In addition, in the voltage dependence of the dielectric constant of nonlinear high permittivity type of capacitor should be observed in alternating current and voltage on the capacitor. Small capacity type temperature compensation capacitor should have more than 100 MHZ in the high frequency heating characteristics, therefore must under the conditions of less reflection measurement. 2 - 1. Heating characteristics of capacitor measurement system high permittivity class capacitor ( DC ~ 1 MHZ) A compendium of fever characteristics measurement system as shown in figure. 2. The signal amplitude of the signal generator with bipolar power supply, and on the capacitor. With the current probe ( General probe) Observe the current at this time, use voltage of capacitor voltage probe observation. Capacitor surface temperature with infrared thermometer at the same time, clear current, voltage and the relationship between the surface temperature rise. Figure. Temperature compensation capacitor (2 10 MHZ ~ 4 GHZ bandwidth) A compendium of fever characteristics measuring system and measuring condition as shown in figure. 3. Figure. Three component system of equipment and cable are unified to 50 & Omega; To measure sample in a form the substrate of the microstrip line, equipped with SMA connector on both ends. With the high frequency wave amplifier ( Amplifier) Increase the signal generator ( 信号发生器) Signal, with directional coupler ( Coupler) To observe the reflection at the same time on the sample ( DUT) On. With the attenuator ( Attenuator) Through the test material output signal attenuation, with power meter ( 功率计) The observation. At the same time observation sample surface temperature.
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