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Compensation capacitor connection?

by:SMiLer     2021-01-15
Compensator is also called the expansion joint, or the slip joint. By work constitute the main body of corrugated pipe ( A kind of elastic element) Tubes, stents, and end of flange, pipe and other accessories. Belongs to a kind of compensation components. Use its work subject bellows telescopic deformation effectively, to absorb piping, pipe, container, etc is produced by the reason of heat bilges cold shrink and the size of the change, or compensation pipeline, pipe, container, etc. The axial, lateral and angular displacement. Can also be used for noise reduction vibration reduction. Widely used in modern industry. Warms up heating, in order to prevent the heating pipe, due to thermal elongation or deformation or damage of the temperature stress caused by pipeline, need to set on the pipeline compensator, to compensate for the thermal elongation of the pipe, reducing pipe wall stress and the role of force on the valve or bracket structure. Part 1. Compensating absorption pipeline axial, lateral and angular deformation of hot and cold. 2. Corrugated compensator expansion amount, convenient valve pipe installation and removal. 3. Vibration absorption equipment, reduce the influence of equipment vibration on pipeline. 4. Absorb the earthquake, subsidence deformation of pipeline. The following interfaces several simple connection mode of compensation capacitor. Figure 6 - 2 and 6 - 3 line is suitable for transmission line is longer than the other, bigger transmission power and natural power factor and low individual plant or equipment. Figure 1 line, F05500101 according to the workshop on and off duty time, automatically input and removal of phase shift capacitor. Figure 6 - 5 lines for substation high-voltage concentrated compensation. To start, through the coupling pressure start directly or rotor frequency-sensitive rheostat starting of asynchronous motor, the condenser directly in parallel on the extension line terminal of the motor, as shown in figure 6 - 6. For the star delta starter start of asynchronous motor, figure 6 - can be used The connection mode of 7. The figure 6 - The connection mode of 7, when star connection and start the motor winding, and the capacitor connection of U2, V2, W2 three terminals are short, become a star connection with neutral, no voltage capacitor is short. After startup, motor winding to delta connection, capacitor and motor winding and pick up. When stop, capacitor can discharge of stator winding, so compensation capacitor must choose BCMJ self-healing type metallized film capacitor inside with a discharge resistor capacitor or similar. The figure 6 - 7, each group of single-phase capacitor directly in parallel on the two terminals of the motor each phase winding.
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