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Common faults in the operation of capacitor and the preventive measures

by:SMiLer     2021-01-28
Common faults in the operation of capacitor capacitor defects occurred in the operation of many for oil leakage, drum abdomen, followed by blown fuse, burst so that an explosion accident, etc. 1, oil leakage power capacitor if leakage of oil, moisture, moisture will enter its internal, reduce insulation resistance. Oil led to the decrease of the oil level, make lead or components of the upper oil level, lead to discharge or breakdown of enclosure element. The part of the oil leakage for the tank wall more weld flange, casing root and cap. 2, drum belly during normal operation, due to the rise of temperature of the condenser and the change of environmental temperature, expand and contract the shell with the temperature change will happen. But obviously drum belly of enclosure, should stop to use plastic deformation of capacitor. This is because the internal partial discharge, decomposition of insulating oil to produce a large amount of gas, caused by internal pressure. 3, explosion capacitor explosion, mainly is the internal energy more than the shell of the tolerance. Interelectrode dielectric breakdown, arc and heat effect, make the medium decomposition produces gas, causing the pressure in the cabinet, eventually explode. When the explosion energy from the power system and its parallel power capacitor discharge current. Under the effect of small current fault for a long time, its input capacitor energy is sufficient to cause the shell burst. Capacitor common faults of prevention measures 1, strengthen patrol, inspection, maintenance, shunt capacitors should be regularly check the blackout, at least 1 time every quarter, mainly check the capacitor shell, porcelain bushing, mounting bracket parts such as dust and dirt does exist, and cleaning seriously. Inspection should pay special attention to the connection point of the connector is rigid, whether is loose; Shell is drum belly, permeability, Leakage) Oil etc. If found to have the above phenomenon, capacitor run out, must be disposed of properly. 2, control the operating temperature under normal circumstances, the general requirements of parallel capacitor shell's hot spot temperature shall not be greater than 60 ℃, otherwise, must find out the reason, for processing. 3, strictly control the operation of the operating voltage parallel capacitor voltage, must be strictly controlled within the scope of the permit. The long running voltage parallel capacitor shall not be greater than 10% of the rated voltage value, operating voltage is too high, will greatly shorten the service life of the capacitor. With the increase of operating voltage, parallel capacitor dielectric loss will increase, temperature rise, the capacitor to speed up the capacitor insulation aging, capacitor inside insulation breakdown and premature aging, damage. In addition, under the operation of the high voltage function, the inside of the capacitor dielectric local aging happens, the higher the voltage, the faster the aging, the shorter the life. Parallel capacitor if long-term operating voltage higher than the 20% of the rated voltage, its service life will be normal 0. About three times. So, should according to the actual situation of local power grid operating voltage, choose the rated voltage value, make its long-term operating voltage is 1 is greater than the rated voltage of capacitor. 1 times the actual operating voltage is too low, of course, is also very bad, because the parallel capacitor reactive power output by the is and its running speed is directly proportional to the square of the voltage. If the voltage is too low, will reduce the reactive power of the output capacitor, unable to complete the task of reactive power compensation, lost should be the role of parallel compensation capacitor. So in actual operation, must try to make the operation of the parallel capacitor voltage at its rated voltage of 95% ~ 105%, the highest running voltage shall not be greater than 110% of the nominal voltage value. 4, prevent the harmonic in power grid, there are many harmonic sources exist, if in parallel capacitor set branches in harmonic is too large, if directly into parallel capacitor, tend to make more harmonic in power grid, poses a great threat to the safety of the parallel capacitor. Adopt the method of series reactor, can effectively suppress harmonic component and flow, to ensure safe operation in the parallel capacitor has obvious effect. Conditional place should be prior to parallel capacitor installation place of harmonic component testing, and according to the test results to determine the required installation series reactor capacity. To spray oil, fire, explosion and other malignant accidents, power outage inspections shall be immediately, find out the cause of the accident after processing, can replace the new capacitor to continue running.
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