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Common capacitors and classification of knowledge introduction

by:SMiLer     2022-01-12
one The classification of the capacitor according to the structure is divided into three categories: fixed capacitor, variable capacitor and trimmer. Classified by the electrolyte are: organic dielectric capacitor, inorganic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor and air dielectric capacitor etc. According to utility cent: high-frequency bypass, low-frequency bypass, filtering, tuning, high frequency coupling, coupling of low frequency, small capacitors. High-frequency bypass: ceramic capacitor, mica capacitors, film capacitors, polyester capacitors, glass glaze capacitor. Low frequency bypass: paper capacitor, ceramic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, polyester capacitor. Filter wave: aluminum electrolytic capacitor, tantalum capacitor paper condenser, composite paper condenser, liquid. The harmonic: ceramic capacitor, mica capacitor, glass film capacitor, polystyrene capacitor. High frequency coupling: ceramic capacitor, mica capacitor, polystyrene capacitor. Low frequency coupling: paper capacitor, ceramic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, polyester capacitor, solid tantalum capacitors. Small capacitance: metallized paper capacitor, ceramic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, polystyrene capacitor, solid tantalum capacitors, glass glaze capacitor, metallized polyester capacitor, the polypropylene capacitor, mica capacitor. 2, 1 common capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor with dip with paste electrolyte blotting paper sandwiched between two aluminum foil winding and become, thin oxide film as the dielectric capacitor. Because oxide film has a one-way conductive properties, electrolytic capacitor has a polarity. Large capacity, can endure large pulse current capacity error is big, big leakage current; Ordinary is not suitable for application in high frequency and low temperature, unfavorable use in more than 25 KHZ frequency low frequency bypass, signal coupling, power filter 2, tantalum electrolytic capacitor using sintered tantalum block as the anode, electrolyte using solid manganese dioxide temperature characteristic, frequency characteristic and * are better than ordinary electrolytic capacitor, especially minimal leakage current, storage, long life, small capacity error, and small volume, can get the maximum capacitance voltage product per unit volume of pulsating current tolerance ability is poor, if the damage is easy to show microminiature high short circuit state can be * in part 3, film capacitor structure and paper condenser are similar, but with the low loss such as polyester, polystyrene plastic material as medium frequency characteristic, dielectric loss, the capacity of small cannot make big heat-resisting ability difference filter, integral, oscillation and timing circuit 4, ceramic capacitor wear heart type or pillar type structure ceramic capacitor, one of its electrode is install screw. Lead inductance, good frequency characteristic, small dielectric loss, large capacity has temperature compensation function can't make it, especially suitable for high frequency vibration can cause capacity change bypass (5, monolithic capacitor Multilayer ceramic capacitor) In several pieces of ceramic thin film coating on electrode on the blade material, composite after a round into an integral whole, outside with resin coating and small volume, large capacity, high can * and a new type of capacitor, resistance to high temperature high dielectric constant of low-frequency monolithic capacitor also has stable performance, small size, high Q value noise bypass, filter, integral error capacity, oscillation circuit 6, paper condenser is usually with two aluminum foil as the electrode, among with thickness of 0. 008-0. 012 mm capacitor paper separated overlapping winding. Manufacturing process is simple, cheap, can get larger capacitance generally in low frequency circuit, usually cannot be higher than 3 ~ 4 MHZ frequency of use. Pressure is higher than the ordinary paper condenser of oil-immersed capacitor, stability, suitable for high voltage circuit 7, fine-tuning capacitor capacitance can be adjusted in a small scope, and can be fixed in a capacitance value after adjustment. Ceramic dielectric padder Q value is high, volume is small, usually can be divided into the pipe type and round type two kinds. 8, mica and polystyrene medium east usually use spring type, simple structure, but poor stability. Wire wound ceramic dielectric padder is split open a copper wire <> outer electrode to changes of capacitance, so the capacity can only be smaller, not suitable for use in debugging repeatedly occasions.
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