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Characteristics of capacitor in the circuit

by:SMiLer     2021-02-02
Like resistor, capacitor naming also has certain rules, in the domestic capacitor, GB2470 - according to the national standards The provisions of the 81 mainly includes four parts, expressed as follows: the main part, dielectric materials, type of capacitor and capacitor serial number. Also can clearly see this in the following picture, the following one by one to introduce the next. Lord said: in the Lord said part of the capacitor is fixed with the letter 'C'. Dielectric materials, dielectric materials is also use letters to represent, capacitor dielectric type is much also, each letter stands for material as shown in the figure below. Capacitor categories: capacitor category, represented by the Numbers or letters mean as shown in the figure below. Capacitor serial number, serial number is composed of Numbers, used to represent different varieties of similar products, and the difference between product appearance size, etc. Such as a capacitor with CD11, C is the first part, the first letter indicates that the element is a capacitance; The second letter D is the second part, the comparison picture shows said dielectric materials for aluminum; The third number 1 is the third part, the comparison picture shows said foil capacitor; The fourth number 1 is the fourth part, the said capacitor serial number is 1. Other name: home-made capacitor name usually consists of four parts, but international fixed capacitor name usually consists of six parts. Respectively for the first part: the letter type; The second part: numerically structure, encapsulation way; The third part: use letters or Numbers represent temperature characteristics; The fourth part: with letters and figures show that the pressure value; The fifth part: with three figures show that the nominal capacity; The sixth part: use letters mean deviation. Capacitor in the circuit features 1, aluminum electrolytic capacitor: it is made the cathode aluminum cylinder, it is equipped with liquid electrolyte, inserted a crooked ribbon do the anode is made. Still need the dc voltage, do a layer of oxide film is formed on the piece of the anode for medium. Characterized by large capacity, but the leakage, poor stability, have positive and negative polarity, suitable for power filtering or low frequency circuits, when using, don't answer the the positive and negative. 2, tantalum niobium electrolytic capacitor: it made the anode, metal tantalum and niobium with dilute sulphuric acid liquor, such as the cathode, generated by surface of tantalum and niobium oxide film do medium is made. Its features are: small size, large capacity, stable performance, long service life. Insulation resistance. The temperature performance is good, used in equipment in high demand. 3, ceramic capacitor: made from ceramic dielectric. On the two sides spraying silver layer ceramic substrate, and then burned into silver plate made of thin film. Its features are: small volume, good heat resistance, low dissipation, high insulation resistance, but the capacity is small, suitable for high frequency circuit. Ferroelectric ceramic capacitance is larger, but loss and temperature coefficient is larger, suitable for low frequency circuits. : 4, mica capacitor foil or layer on the mica sheet spraying silver electrode plates, plates and mica after a layer of one layer, then die casting in the bakelite powder or cementing in epoxy resin is made. Its features are: small dielectric loss, insulation resistance. The temperature coefficient is small, be applicable to the high frequency circuit. 5, the structure of the film capacitor: in the same paper condenser, medium is polyester or polystyrene. Polyester film capacitor, high dielectric constant, small volume, large capacity, good stability, suitable for the bypass capacitor. Polystyrene film capacitor, the dielectric loss of small, high insulation resistance, but the temperature coefficient is big, can be used in high frequency circuit. 6, paper capacitor: made from two pieces of metal foil electrodes, capacitance of the thin paper, rolled into a cylinder or flat cylindrical core, and then sealed in a metal casing or insulation shell. It is characterized by small volume, capacity can be done. But inherent inductance and the loss is bigger, is suitable for low frequency circuits. 7, the structure of the metallized paper capacitor: basically the same in paper capacitor, it is a layer of metal film on the capacitor paper after to generation of metal foil, small volume, large in capacity, commonly used for low frequency circuits. 8, oil-immersed paper capacitor: it is to put the paper dipped in oil through special processing, can enhance its pressure. Characterized by a large capacitance, high pressure, but the volume is bigger.
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