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Ceramics with where _ ceramics capacitors have is negative

by:SMiLer     2021-02-12
Ceramics capacitors ( 陶瓷电容器) Is a kind of ceramic materials used as dielectric, the ceramic surface coated with a layer of metal film, then through high heat sintering as electrodes of capacitor. Is typically used for high and stable in the oscillation circuit, as a loop, bypass capacitors and padding capacitor. MLCC( 1) Miniaturization, high frequency, low loss, low ESR, high stability, high pressure, high insulation, high reliability, no polarity, low value, low cost, high temperature resistance. Mainly used in high frequency circuits. MLCC( 2 class) In the miniaturization, high volume, high pressure, no polarity, high reliability, high temperature resistant, low ESR and low cost. Mainly used in the low frequency circuits for straight, coupling, bypass and filter capacitor is used. Where ceramics capacitors with high voltage capacitor must be used in high pressure parts, bolts of I've ever seen in the high voltage arc part of argon arc welding machine, ceramic tile is widely, anti-jamming used ceramics capacitors have many are negative capacitance of different kinds, its design principle of structure and can have the very big difference. From a macro perspective, the capacitance can be divided into polar and non-polar capacitors. For polar capacitor, at the time of installation must ensure precision is negative. Connection error will cause the capacitance is damaged, or even explode. No polar capacitor Banks don't need to worry about this, so ceramics capacitors are there are negative points? For a great promise and how to distinguish? Belongs to non-polar capacitor, so the capacitor during the installation process does not need to distinguish between is negative. And for ordinary common grade electrolytic capacitor, then you can see the two feet length, long is +, short - 。 Patch type tantalum electrolytic capacitor in general can be judged according to their appearance, with one side of the ribbon is positive. Other nonpolar, dacron capacitor, electrolytic capacitor ceramics capacitor, variable and no padder is negative. Has is negative capacitance can be judged according to the following method. When I don't know across the electrodes of a capacitor, can use a multimeter to measure. Capacitance between the poles of the medium is not absolute insulation, the resistance is not infinite, but a limited number, generally in more than 1000 ohms. The resistance of the capacitance between poles called insulation resistance and leakage resistance. Only the positive power of the electrolytic capacitor is ( When electricity is black pens and) And the negative termination power negative ( When electricity is red pens and) , electrolytic capacitor leakage current is small ( Leakage resistance) 。 On the contrary, the electrolytic capacitor leakage current increase ( Leakage resistance decrease) 。 To assume a very + pole, multimeter with R * 1 * 100 or R k block, and then will assume + black pens and connect with multimeter, another electrode red pens and connect with multimeter, take note of the clock stopped scale ( The clock is great value on the left) For digital multimeter can be directly read readings. Then put the capacitance discharge ( Two wire touch) And then two pens and switch, measured again. The location of the two measurement, whose hands finally stay (on the left Or resistance) The black pens and pick up is electrolytic capacitor anode. Conclusion: ceramics capacitors is no is negative, capacity generally smaller, often used in signal filtering, appear polarity also is only temporary. This is a kind of non-polar capacitors, so there is no polarity. So use the installation process does not need to identify are negative, optional installation.
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