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Ceramics capacitance pressure test method

by:SMiLer     2021-02-12
Voltage values and ceramics capacitors identification method in the first place, we need to know the identity of the voltage value and capacitance method. Commonly used is the standard method, that is to say, if the number is 0. 001, it represent a 0. 001 uf = 1 nf, if is 10 n, it is 10 nf, 100 p is also 100 pf. And, of course, there is no direct representation of the unit, is 1 ~ 4 digits, said the capacity of the unit for pF, such as 350 to 350 pF, 3 to 3 pF, 0. 5 to 0. 5 pf。 There are color code representation. Along the capacitor lead direction, with different colors represent different Numbers, first, two ring said electric capacity, the third color said the number of significant digits after zero ( The unit is pF) Color: black = 0, 1, red = = = 3, yellow = 4, green = 5, blue = 6, purple = 7, grey = 8, white = 9. Ceramics have high voltage capacitor ceramics and ceramics capacitors, ordinary ceramics capacitor voltage standard is 50 v in the past, a few hundred volts high-pressure ceramics capacitors, there are a few kv, general mark XXKV underneath the capacitance value. 1 j represents 6. 3×10 = 63 v; 2 f on behalf of the three. 15×100 = 315 v; 3 a representative one. 0×1000 = 1000 v; 1 k on behalf of the eight. 0×10=80V。 Maximum number of 4, such as 4 z represents 90000 v. The labeling of condenser pressure and there are two common methods, one is printed directly on the capacitor, the pressure value is another is to use a number and a letter combinations. In fact, as long as able to accurately grasp the relevant identification, can easily according to its identity to determine how much is the pressure value. Different representation on behalf of the meaning is different. Ceramics capacitors overvoltage withstand test methods when buying any electrical appliances or equipment, if you don't know the professional knowledge, it is easy to buy inferior products. After all, for many of the products or the electrical appliances from appearance is difficult to distinguish their quality. The price difference lies in the internal device products. The ceramics capacitors is indispensable key in a lot of electrical equipment. When choosing must understand the pressure value is how much. Then to share simple ceramics capacitor pressure test method is introduced for details. If you want to test newly purchased or household electric fans, blowers, and other single-phase capacitor start motor with capacitor voltage, insulation resistance meter cooperate with dc voltmeter method are available for measurement. Its principle is when shaking the insulation resistance meter handle, dc generator to work. Insulation resistance meter for the rated voltage of 500 v, when hand speed reached 120 revolutions per minute, it should be 500 v dc output voltage, because its output current is very small, so the capacitor has no damage. First of all, the dc voltmeter ( Also can use multimeter dc voltage blocking) And the capacitor being measured parallel to the two end of the insulation resistance meter button, then good slow speed after shaking insulation resistance meter handle, examined the voltmeter indicated value, such as Pointers are no longer rising up or reduce again, at this point is the highest of the capacitor voltage value of the measured, and its critical strike a null value. In the work also can 2500 v or 1000 v insulation resistance meter adapted insulation resistance meter and dc voltmeter, testing of high pressure value capacitor. It is important to note that the connection before and after the test is for capacitor discharge processing, be judged insulation resistance and dc voltmeter connected to form the positive and negative polarity. Ceramics capacitance pressure test method is introduced here. Of course there are many different testing methods, this method can meet the demand of daily or some common, facilitate testing more accurate results.
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