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Ceramics 104 is how ceramics capacitors 104 how much is the pressure value

by:SMiLer     2021-02-13
On ceramics capacitors, we often see capacitance on the 101, 102, 104 such signs. So, how much is the capacitance value, how to calculate the capacitance value, their pressure value is how much, let's have a look. Capacitor value calculation method: capacitor commonly used digital tag value, usually use three digits standard method, its specific meaning is: the top two capacitance on the logo is a valid number, the third is the previous number rate ( That is how much power of 10) 。 It is digital standard method of pF ( Skin = 10 ^ ( - 12) Method) 。 The following examples, such as: 104 identified 10 x 10 ^ 4 = 100000 pf, and equal to zero. 1 uf, such as: the 100 is 10 x 10 ^ 0 = 10 pf105 is 10 x 10 ^ 5 = 1000000 pf = 1 uf like ordinary resistance, the capacitor is the resistance of the unit. Ceramics capacitors ( ) Classification: high-frequency porcelain medium and low frequency dielectric ceramics capacitors points two kinds. Has a small positive temperature coefficient of capacitance of the capacitor, used in high stable oscillator circuit, as circuit capacitors and padding capacitor. Low-frequency ceramic capacitor is limited to the working frequency low loop for bypass or separated dc, or stability and loss of <>, including high frequency is not high. This kind of capacitor is unfavorable use in pulse circuit, because they are easy to be pulse voltage breakdown. MLCC( 1) Miniaturization, high frequency, low loss, low ESR, high stability, high pressure, high insulation, high reliability, no polarity, low value, low cost, high temperature resistant, mainly used in high frequency circuits. MLCC( 2 class) In the miniaturization, high volume, high pressure, no polarity, high reliability, high temperature resistant, low ESR and low cost. Mainly used in the low frequency circuits such as blocking, coupling, bypass and filtering capacitor is used. ( Ceramics) Capacitors, polyester capacitor voltage value of the discriminant method: 1 j represents 6. 3 x10 = 63 v2f on behalf of the three. 15 x100 = 315 v3a represent 1. 0 x1000 = 1000 v1k represent 8. 0 x10 = 80 v digital maximum 4, such as 4 z represents 90000 v. The labeling of condenser pressure and there are two common methods, one is printed directly on the capacitor, the pressure value is another is to use a number and a letter combinations. Figures show that the 10 power, letters mean value, the unit is V ( V) 。 Also, the Arab letters A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/J/K/Z corresponding pressure value is 1. 0/1. 25/1. 6/2. . two survivors. 5/3 when. 15/4. 0/5. 0/6. 3/8. 0/9. 0
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