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Car 125 ℃ high temperature resistant film capacitor

by:SMiLer     2021-01-09
In recent years, hybrid and electric vehicle development, the miniaturization of electronic components more requirements for carrying the product, lightweight, large capacity and high heat resistance. Murata manufacture ( Hereinafter referred to as murata) And the month motor manufacture co. , which refer to ( Hereinafter referred to as 'refers to the motor) Jointly developed can be used under the environment of the high temperature of 125 ℃ continuous high heat-resistant film capacitor FH series. This product is very suitable for the future requires more high temperature to ensure the eco-car converter and motor driver with converter and other products, starting from September 2017 to provide samples, and will be in April 2018, murata, refers to the month FC SoluTIons start mass production. Today, used in converter and motor driver with the high temperature of the capacitor of the power assurance requirements have improved than in the past, in addition, the power cord on the use of capacitor also requires a self-healing function, which can prevent short circuit fault mode. Compared with aluminum electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors life is long, nonpolar, very suitable for application in the field of automotive electronics. However, the traditional high heat-resistant film capacitor, it is difficult to ensure that more than 105 ℃ high temperature, it is difficult to work in high temperature area of the self-healing function, and short-circuit fault. The, murata, developed new high heat-resisting membrane material, the class of thermosetting resin film as the dielectric, and jointly developed by a month motor production can be continuous use under the high temperature of 125 ℃ environment, support the self-healing function of vehicle with high heat resistant film capacitor. According to understand, refers to the month motor production is the coverage of capacitors and related equipment, apparatus, electric equipment, devices, and information machine machinery and equipment, in areas such as home appliances, automobile, railway and electronic related products. In order to provide high quality products, more competitive on October 4, 2016, murata contributive buy refers to the electrical machinery, and set up a joint venture factory, murata, owns a 65% stake. In the future, murata, and refers to the motor to jointly develop new technologies, new products, accelerate product on the market.
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