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Capacitor sharing application circuit

by:SMiLer     2021-02-04
High frequency feedback capacitance circuit diagram 5 - 32 for high frequency feedback capacitance circuit, audio amplifier circuit VT1 constitutes the primary audio amplifier system, negative feedback capacitor C1 is high frequency, which makes use of the blocking resistance capacitance principle, to eliminate the possibility of high frequency self-excitation. Circuits with capacitance is very small, between the base and the collector of the VT1 C1, the VT1 tube from the collector output signal is added to the base. Transistor VT1 collector on the ac signal phase is positive, negative, while the base signal electrical signal phase opposite poles. Because of this, make up the negative feedback circuit. Capacitance in circuit only for high frequency signal pathway, and the low frequency signal is open circuit, thus C1 only for high frequency noise signal is easy to generate negative feedback, to achieve the purpose of eliminating high frequency noise sound. Noise capacitance circuit diagram 5 - 33 for the volume potentiometer noise of capacitance, C1 is mute capacitor, electrolytic capacitor polarity is commonly used, RP1 rheostat. Voltage-operated gain device is a kind of magnification controlled by the size of the dc voltage amplifier, the Ui of the specified size of the input signal, if (1) dc voltage on the pin size changes, the output signal Uo size change, this is the basic principle of electronic volume control work. RP1 is the volume control potentiometer, but it is different from ordinary working principle of the volume potentiometer, not through the RP1 audio signal, when the RP1 move piece sliding up and down, voltage-controlled gain device (1) the dc voltage on the pin size changing, in order to achieve control of the volume. The working principle of capacitor C1: RP1 move on a chip is a dc voltage, if RP1 dynamic sliding a appeared in the process of communication jamming signal, an ac signal superimposed on the dc voltage, added to the voltage controlled gain device (1) on the pin, fluctuations in the size of the dc voltage, the results appear the noise in the process of volume control. After adding noise capacitor C1, RP1 were C1 bypass any communication on noise to the ground, because of the large capacity of C1, noise for the communication of capacitive reactance is small, achieve the purpose of the volume potentiometer rotation noise elimination. Pure capacitance electronic components of the equivalent circuit analysis of the series circuit circuit of capacitance is called pure capacitance circuit only. Pure capacitance series circuit has some common with pure resistance in series circuit, but due to the nature of capacitance and resistance are different, so pure capacitance in series circuit with a resistor in series with the circuit characteristic is also different. Resistance capacitance in series with the circuit analysis can be equivalent to the equivalence principle and method of understanding and methods into an equivalent capacitance resistance, capacitance of capacitive reactance under characteristic frequency equivalent to a specific resistance. Figure 5 - 35 for capacitor in series equivalent circuit. Series circuit has the following features: capacitors in the series circuit, because capacitance can only communicate, so only alternating current in the circuit, and the current size equal everywhere. Capacitance in the series circuit, the capacitor in series, the more its equivalent total electricity capacity is smaller, the greater the total capacitive reactance, and capacitance series circuit the total capacitance of less than the capacity of any one capacitor in the series circuit, the calculation is similar to that of a resistor in parallel. The smallest in the series circuit capacitors are first full of electricity and first put the electric, so the minimum capacitance capacitor plays a main role. Audio resistance capacitance coupling circuit diagram 5 - 34 for audio resistance capacitance coupling circuit, the circuit of C1 is an audio coupling capacitance, it between after the preamp and amplifier, commonly used in the circuit capacitance larger electrolytic capacitor. Circuit after resistor R1 is the amplifier's input resistance and input voltage cannot be directly. Coupling capacitance is a only polarity of electrolytic capacitor, its high potential in the positive need to pick up circuit, so the capacity of positive electrode through the resistance in the preamp output terminal. Circuit, if the polarity of the coupling capacitance backwards, coupling capacitor leakage current will increase, amplifier noise will be increased. And the resistor R1 is to limit the current in the circuit, to prevent high frequency self-excitation phenomenon.
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