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Capacitor model named method

by:SMiLer     2021-02-02
Capacitor model named method according to the national standard GB2470 - The provisions of the 81 capacitor product model generally consists of the following four parts: capacitor dielectric material code with letters. Type model example: CBB11 non-sealed polypropylene capacitors.

capacitor capacitor text symbols method of text symbols text symbols method is to text and digit symbol, regularly on the condenser surface marks the main characteristic parameters. Commonly used to signal capacitor of nominal capacity and allowable deviation.

the temperature of the condenser coefficient of condenser temperature coefficient of temperature changes can cause tiny capacitor capacity, temperature coefficient is commonly used to indicate the degree of the change, the expressions for the main condenser temperature coefficient and the temperature of the capacitor dielectric material properties and the structure of the condenser. The general condenser temperature coefficient, the greater the capacitance change with temperature. To make electronic circuit can work steadily, should choose as far as possible the temperature coefficient of the capacitor. In order to simplify the temperature coefficient of the logo, can use the letters of national standard code said temperature coefficient category or use the logo color said.
color standard method of capacitor
capacitor color standard method color standard method is to use different color ribbon or points of color, in accordance with the provisions, the method on the condenser surface marks out of its main parameters of the method. Capacitor of the nominal value, deviation and working voltage can be allowed with color logo.

the frequency features of capacitor capacitor frequency characteristic of the frequency characteristics of the capacitor is refers to the capacitor capacitance change with frequency parameters, such as relationship. In general, when the capacitor to work under high frequency, with the increase of operating frequency, due to the dielectric permittivity decreases, and capacitance will decrease, and the loss will increase, and will influence on the distribution parameters of the capacitor. To guarantee the stability of the capacitor, the capacitor should be the limit of working frequency selection in 1/3 of the inherent resonance frequency capacitor - 1/2. Different types of capacitor have different highest frequency of use.

the capacitor leakage current of capacitor leakage current of capacitor dielectric insulation is not absolute, when the force on both ends of the capacitor [ J on the dc voltage, it will produce leakage current. General electrolytic capacitor leakage current is larger, the other capacitor leakage current is very small. So are commonly used to measure the insulation quality of electrolytic capacitor leakage current. Electrolytic capacitor leakage current and constant increases with the increase of temperature and voltage. Table 4 - 7 are commonly used without the permission of the electrolytic capacitor leakage current.
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