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Capacitor manufacturer rankings

by:SMiLer     2021-02-07
What is a capacitor capacitor, usually referred to as 'the ability of its hold charge for capacitance, represented by the letter' C '. Definition 1: capacitor, just as its name implies, is & lsquo; Containers of electric & rsquo; , is a kind of hold charge device. English name: capacitor. Capacitor is one of the extensive use of electronic components in electronic equipment, widely used in the circuit in the isolation pass-through, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning circuit, energy conversion, control, etc. Definition 2: capacitor, any two insulation and interval of conductor (close to each other Including the conductor) Among all constitute a capacitor. Different capacitance and capacitor. Capacitance of the basic physical quantities, symbol C, the unit is F ( Ferrari) 。 General formula = Q/C U special formula: parallel plate capacitor plate between the electric field intensity E = U/d, capacitor decided to type C = & epsilon; S/4π Kd with the changing of electronic information technology, digital electronic products renewal speed is faster and faster, with flat screen TV, LCD and PDP) , notebook computers, digital cameras and other products of consumer electronics production volume continues to grow, to drive the capacitor industry growth. Capacitor manufacturer ranked 1, MURATA ( Murata) Headquarters: Japan's main business: capacitor, inductor, Coil) , noise Components/EMI noise filter/esd protection Devices, resistors, thermistors, sensors, clock Components, sound Components, power supply, the micro mechanical and electrical products, RFID equipment, Matching Devices, filter, Saw -based Components, plug, isolator, RF Modules etc. Website: http://www. 日本村田公司。 Com / 2, TDK headquarters: Japan's main: capacitor, inductor, transformer, rf devices, optical devices, electromagnetic interference suppression device, the power supply module, sensor, magnetic core, etc. Website: http://www. tdk。 有限公司 Jp / 3, AVX headquarters: in Hong Kong main business: professional engaged in passive electronic components and interconnection of the product design, development, production and sales, is the industry leader. Website: http://www. avx。 尼吉康com/ 4, ( Nichicon co. ) Headquarters: Japan's main business: aluminum electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors, positive temperature coefficient thermistor Posi - R, V2H system, household electric storage systems, EV with quick charger, distributed power supply, power supply components, function module, accelerator power supply for medical use, academic research with accelerator power supply, low power/power instant countermeasures compensation device. Website: http://www. 尼吉康。 有限公司 Jp / 5, and the giant co. , LTD. ( YAGEO) Headquarters: Taiwan's main: resistance, capacitance and inductance's official website: http://www. 国巨。 com  6、KEMET( American) Headquarters: the main business: the world's most famous capacitor manufacturer. The tantalum capacitor sales among the world's first, in the field of passive electronic technology of global leadership. Website: http://www. 钡镁合金。 com/  7、WALSIN( Huaxin science and technology) Headquarters: main: Taiwan chip multilayer ceramic chip capacitor and row of capacitors, chip resistors and chip exclusion, circular plate capacitor, zinc oxide varistor, inductance and chip fuse's official website: http://www. passivecomponent。 com  8、VISHAY( Vishay) Headquarters: the main business: semiconductors, passive components, and so on website: http://www. 威世。 松下(com/ 9日 Matsushita) ( Panasonic) Headquarters: Japan's main business: consumer products, professional products, components product website: http://panasonic. cn/  10、EPCOS( Epcos) Headquarters: main: Germany epcos merged with TDK element division, by TDK - in Japan The EPC company ( Hereinafter referred to as TDK - EPC) Management. Since the end of October 2009, TDK - EPC company and associated TDK epcos company holds all stake in the company. Website: http://en. tdk。 eu
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