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Capacitor main performance parameter

by:SMiLer     2022-01-10
1, nominal capacitance capacitor main performance parameters and allowable deviation of nominal capacitance is marked on the capacitor capacitance. Actual capacitance of capacitor and the deviation of nominal capacitance error, the allowable deviation range according to accuracy. Precision grade and allowed error corresponding relationship: 00 ( 01) - ±1、0( 02) - ±2、Ⅰ- ±5、Ⅱ- ±10、Ⅲ- ±20、Ⅳ- ( 20 - 10) , Ⅴ - ( 50 - 20) , Ⅵ - ( 50 - 30) General capacitor common Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ level, electrolytic capacitor with Ⅳ, Ⅴ, Ⅵ level, according to the purpose. 2, rated voltage at the lowest temperature and the rated ambient temperature can add continuously in the highest dc capacitor voltage RMS, generally marked on the capacitor shell directly, if the working voltage over the capacitor pressure, condenser breakdown, caused irreparable damage. 3, dc voltage and insulation resistance on the capacitance, and leakage current, the ratio of the two called insulation resistance. When the capacitance is small, mainly depends on the surface of the capacitance, capacity> 0. 1 uf, mainly depends on the dielectric performance, insulation resistance as small as possible. Capacitance of the time constant: to properly evaluate the insulation in large capacity and time constant is introduced, he is equal to the product of the capacitance of the insulation resistance and capacity. 4, loss capacity under the effect of electric field, the internal energy consumed by a fever in unit time is called loss. All kinds of capacitance specifies its loss value in a certain frequency range, the wastage of the capacitance is mainly composed of dielectric loss, loss of conductance and capacitance all caused by the resistance of the metal parts. { X@wA { C = c under the effect of dc field, the loss of capacitor to leakage loss of form, usually small, under the action of alternating electric field, the capacitance loss is not only related to the leak guide, and associated with periodic polarization process. 5, frequency characteristics, with higher frequency, the general law of electric capacity of capacitor is presented down.
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