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Capacitor is negative judgment

by:SMiLer     2021-02-03
Capacitor is negative look how to judge the first capacitor is belong to charge or discharge process, if the capacitor in the charging process, with the power of positive pole attached to positively charged electrode plate, the current to flow to the plate; If capacitor in the process of discharge, the capacitor is equal to the power supply, current leave plate is equivalent to the power of the anode, namely this is positively charged plates. Secondly, problem of capacitor, our province is usually take an examination of the dynamic analysis of dc, namely: to change the state of the capacitor changes the flow in the circuit, the commonly used method is: 1, to determine whether a capacitor is connected to a power source, if connected to U the same, if the disconnect is Q constant is analyzed by three formula: 2 C = Q/UC = eS / 4 & prod; KdE = U/d3 also note when capacitor at constant Q we can to conversion formula, it is concluded that E = 4 & prod; KQ/es electrolytic capacitor is negative illustrated how to judge the electrolytic capacitors are polar, it is is negative. But out of an electrolytic capacitor is how to judge his negative? Electrolytic capacitor anode circuit diagram is what kind of? Electrolytic capacitor is negative sign is? Here will give you answer one by one diagram of electrolytic capacitor is negative. Electrolytic capacitor is negative judgment has the following several ways appearance distinguish first took an electrolytic capacitor, as shown in the figure below. The first approach is to look at the electrolytic capacitor rubber hose, rubber hose end with negative sign. The other side the anode is not said. The second approach is to look at the electrolytic capacitor pin. Pin place with one end of the grid on behalf of the cathode, the other side said the positive. See below. Still have a kind of electrolytic capacitors is not so, but lead wire type. Below: the capacitor first watch the needle, needle long for positive electrode at the other end. One end of the guide pin short is negative. If someone asked me at this time, some are cutting Angle of electrolytic capacitor is how negative judgment? Clever this time you will find that one end of the electrolytic capacitor hose guide pin short there could be an electrolytic capacitor is negative, as shown in the figure below: through the instrument measurement can also be through instruments to measure electrolytic capacitor is negative. This needs to have a device. Because I have no. So here will not be able to demonstrate for you. Electrolytic capacitor anode circuit diagram is marking method. As shown. The logo is electrolytic capacitor anode circuit diagram is. Electrolytic capacitor in a circuit with the letter 'C' logo. One end of the number in the circuit, a + is positive.
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