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Capacitor electric strength?

by:SMiLer     2021-02-01
Capacitor electric strength of the electric strength refers to the capacitor connected between the two terminal terminal and can withstand maximum voltage between the metal shell, sometimes called the electric strength to high voltage. Describe capacitor electric strength has the following several indicators: (1) : breakdown voltage capacitor leakage of the normal voltage steady state, is destroyed. (2) the test voltage: in a short period of time ( Generally for 5 - 60s) The biggest dc capacitor can withstand the test voltage. Test voltage is usually rated working voltage of the dc one. 5 - Three times. (3) the rated working voltage: dc capacitor safety work of the highest dc voltage for a long time. (4) communication: working voltage capacitor at work for a long time allowed by the ac voltage RMS.

the insulation of the capacitor capacitance of capacitor capacitance of capacitor is equal to the size of the insulation resistance and insulation on the capacitor of dc voltage and leakage current generated by the ratio of the insulation resistance of capacitor and capacitor dielectric materials and area, lead materials related to the factors such as length and the manufacturing process. The higher the insulation resistance, the higher the indicates that the quality of the capacitor. For the same kinds of capacitor, the greater the capacitance and insulation resistance is smaller. Usually capacitor insulation resistance between several hundred megohm to thousands of megohm. Insulation resistance is used to represent 0. 1 u F the following capacity of mica, the quality of the porcelain glass shaft capacitor dielectric and l.
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