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Capacitor differential protection connection problems related to parsing

by:SMiLer     2021-02-05
Electric power capacitor ( Hereinafter referred to as the capacitor) In the low-voltage distribution system as the main electric parts of reactive power compensation device rain is widely used. But the operation of the capacitor are greatly influenced by the voltage, current, temperature, and so long as has the components were breakdown will produce a chain reaction, easy to destroy. With interphase fault, conventional protection only response to some component failure is lack of sensitivity, so need to adopt sensitive differential protection. Due to the condenser in the carrier state for a long time, often caused by abnormal factors over current shock: when the system voltage, electric current exceeds the rating of the capacitor, the inside of the capacitor dielectric loss will increase, result in overheating insulation aging, reduce its service life, serious when may be puncture. In actual use, the capacitor damage accidents, to secure and stable operation of the power grid have a big impact, so the protection of capacitor must take effective measures. An overview on the medium and low pressure side of the substation usually installed parallel capacitor group, with the lack of reactive power compensation system, so as to improve the quality of voltage, reduce the loss of electric energy, improve the stability of the system is running. The parallel capacitor group can connect into a star, also can connect into a triangle. In the large capacity of capacitor set, to restrict the higher harmonic amplification effect, can be in each group of capacitor through a small reactor in the group. 1. Capacitor group of common faults and abnormal operating conditions are as follows: ( 1) Capacitor Banks and circuit breaker connecting line between short circuit; ( 2) Internal electrode short circuit capacitor; ( 3) Capacitor Banks in more than one capacitor failures; ( 4) Capacitor Banks load; ( 5) Capacitor group of busbar voltage rise; ( 6) Loss of pressure capacitor group. 2. Capacitor bank protection device should be configured as follows: ( 1) Single capacitor shall set up special fuse group of different connection mode of protection way: y connection of capacitor Banks can use open delta voltage protection; Many series of star connection capacitor set of voltage differential protection may be adopted or bridge differential current protection; Double star connection of capacitor Banks can use neutral unbalance voltage protection or unbalance current protection; ( 2) The capacitor group over current and internal cables short circuit, over current protection should be set up. When there is total circuit breaker and the grouping of circuit breaker, current instantaneous faulting in the circuit breaker tripping; ( 3) Capacitor unit group set bus over-voltage protection, time limit for action on or tripping signals. When the automatic cutting device, not the other set overvoltage protection; ( 4) Capacitor Banks should set protection, the pressure loss when busbar loss of pressure automatically capacitor Banks.
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