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Capacitor detection method and experience

by:SMiLer     2021-01-31
Capacitor detection method and experience of 1 fixed capacitor detection A 10 pf the following small capacitance for fixed capacitor capacity is too small, under 10 pf with A multimeter to measure, only qualitative to check whether there is leakage, its internal short circuit or breakdown phenomenon. Measurement, can choose multimeter R x 10 k block, two pens and arbitrary by capacitance respectively two pins, resistance should be infinite. If the measured resistance ( A pointer to the right) Is zero, then illustrate capacitor leakage internal breakdown or damage. B to detect 10 ~ 0 01 u F pf fixed capacitor charging phenomenon, and then judge the good or bad. Multimeter use R x 1 k. Two triode beta are more than 100, and through the electric current is smaller. Can choose 3 dg6 models of silicon triode pipe etc. Multimeter of red and black pens and respectively with multiple tube of the emitter and the collector e c. Due to the amplification effect of compound triode, the measured capacitance charging and discharging process of amplification, the multimeter pointer swing amplitude increase, thus convenient for observation. Is that should be paid attention to in test operation, especially in the smaller capacity of capacitance measurement, repeatedly measured capacitance pin switch contact with A and B two points, can clearly see the motion of the pointer multimeter. C for fixed capacitor 0 01 u F above, can use a multimeter R x 10 k block test capacitor directly without charging process and presence of internal short circuit or leakage, and according to the range of a pointer to the right size to estimate the capacity of capacitor. 2 electrolytic capacitor detection because the capacity of electrolytic capacitor is A fixed capacity is much bigger, so the measurement, should according to different capacity to choose the appropriate range. According to experience, under normal circumstances, the capacitance between 1 ~ 47 u F, R x 1 k block measurement are available, and more than 47 u F R x 100 block measurement of capacitance available. B the multimeter red pens and negative, black pens and meet positive, at the moment just contact, multimeter pointer deflection is larger partial degrees to the right ( For the same electric block, the bigger the capacity, the greater the swing) , then gradually turning to the left until the stop at a particular location. At this time of the resistance value is positive leakage resistance of electrolytic capacitors, this value is slightly bigger than the reverse leakage resistance. Practical experience shows that the leakage resistance of the electrolytic capacitor shall generally be in more than a few hundred k Ω, otherwise, will not work properly. If during the test, the forward and reverse the phenomenon of no charge, whose hands, which shows capacity disappear or internal circuit; If the measured value is small or zero, capacitor leakage is big or has broken down, cannot be used again. C for positive and negative sign of unknown electrolytic capacitor, can use the method of measurement of leakage resistance. The arbitrary measure leakage resistance, first remember its size, and then exchange pens and a resistance is measured. Two measurement of resistance that is a big positive connection, the black pens and pick up the positive, red pens and pick up is negative. D use multimeter electric block, using positive and reverse charge for electrolytic capacitor method, according to the size of the oscillation amplitude to the right hand side, can estimate the capacity of electrolytic capacitors. 3 variable capacitor testing A turn with your hand lightly in the rotation, should feel very smooth, should not feel sometimes loose tight even have card lag phenomenon. Will be carried forward, backward, up, down, left and right when driving in all directions, such as a shaft should not have loose phenomenon. B with one hand twisted axis, and the other only the outside part of the handle gently touch this little group, should not feel any loose phenomenon. Axis and poor contact between the variable capacitor, is can't continue to use. Put a multimeter at R x 10 k C block, it is a hand to connect two pens and variable capacitor dynamic piece and piece of terminal, another hand will turn a few back and forth slowly rotating shaft, multimeter pointer should place in infinity. In the process of the swirl shaft, if the pointer points to zero, sometimes short circuit between moving and fixed pills are point; If a certain Angle, the multimeter reading for infinity but not appear a certain value, that variable between the rotor plate with fixed leakage phenomenon.
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