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Capacitor common fault

by:SMiLer     2022-01-10
Capacitor capacitor is store energy and electrical energy ( Potential energy) Of the components. A conductor surrounded by another conductor, or made by a conductor of the electric field lines all end in another conductor guide system, called a capacitor. Capacitor common fault capacitor common fault break, short circuit, leakage and failure, etc. ( 1) Capacitance discriminant: buy multimeter block R x 1 k or R x 10 k block, two pens and polar capacitor contact respectively, if the header pointer quickly forward swing a point of view, and then gradually recover, back to the starting position. Two pens and swap, then contact, both the polarities of capacitor meter pointer and positive deflection, and the Angle is bigger than the previous, and then gradually recover and return to the starting position, show that capacitor in good condition. Pointer deflection Angle is bigger, the slower recovery, shows that the greater the capacitor. ( 2) Leakage: multimeter ( R x 1 k block) 。 Stable when the pointer indicates the insulation resistance value of capacitor, a value is generally a few hundred to several thousand ohms, the greater the resistance, suggests that the better the performance of the insulation of the capacitor. ( 3) Short circuit, such as multimeter pointer is placed to the full scale, namely the R = 0, and does not return, show that capacitor inside has a short circuit. ( 4) Bolt: the multimeter capacitor electrode, two pens and contact pointer deflection, nothing changing pens and still not deflection, show that capacitor has been disconnected. ( 5) Electrolytic capacitor polarity discrimination: use a multimeter R x 1 k electric block to measure the insulation resistance between the poles, and then two pens and exchange, to go and measure the insulation resistance again, two measuring a resistance in black ( Is) Pens and receive positive or resistance of the smaller one was red, Negative) Pens and connect to the anode. For low pressure electrolytic capacitor, not free to use R x 10 k electric block, lest cause electrolytic capacitor breakdown. Capacitor considerations ( 1) Removed from the circuit of capacitor discharge to be short, to avoid damage when plate on residual charge discharge instrument or affect the security of person. ( 2) Test when hands are not in contact with pens and conductor part, in order to avoid the body resistance and affect the measurement result.
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