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Capacitor charging and discharging process of parsing for details

by:SMiLer     2021-02-07
Age in progress, in the development of science and technology, telecommunication technology changes with each passing day, rising consumer electronic products demand, makes capacitor industry also sprinting, China has now become a global power capacitor production. Capacitor, the English name for the capacitor, abbreviated as C, is a kind of passive components of the stored energy in the form of electric field, almost exists in all of the electronic circuit, can act as blocking circulation exchange, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning, etc. The characteristics of capacitor capacitor is made up of interval has the medium of two metal plates. When the capacitor with a certain amount of charge on the plate, on both ends of the capacitor will produce certain voltage UC, its value, because the electric capacity of capacitor C is a constant, so when the charge Q = 0, UC = 0; And the greater the Q, that is, the more charge, UC is big. Capacitance and resistance are two completely different circuit component. When applying a voltage when UR on both ends of the resistance, it can transform electrical energy into heat energy consume; Capacitance is not the case, when at both ends of the voltage UC, in between the two plates is subsequently formed the electric field, electric field is a energy, that is to say capacitance can converts electrical energy to the electric field can be stored. So often referred to as the energy dissipation element, the resistor and capacitor is called a storage element. In addition, so long as has the current flow, resistance at the ends of the voltage immediately. The capacitor voltage on both ends of building takes time, and often called resistance real-time component; Capacitance as the inert component. Charging capacitor charging process is the process of storage capacitor charge, when the capacitor is connected with dc power supply, connected to the positive charge on the metal plate will be under the action of electric field force, ran to the metal plate connected to the power supply cathode, that are connected to the positive lose charge positively charged metal plates, metal plates are connected to the power supply cathode get charged negatively charged ( Two metal plates is take charge of equal size, symbol instead) And start charging capacitor. In the circuit, charge mobile form current, due to the exclusion of same-sex charge function, make the charge mobile at first, the maximum current, then gradually decreased; Charge on the capacitor in charge mobile began to minimum, zero, in the process of charge mobile, with power increasing, the voltage between the two metal plates increases gradually, when its increase to the power supply voltage is equal, charging is completed, the current decreases to zero.
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