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Capacitor Banks connection mode

by:SMiLer     2021-01-30
The connection mode of capacitor Banks, should according to the voltage of capacitor, the ways of protection and capacity to choose. Usually has two kinds of triangular connection and star. When the rated voltage and rated voltage of the capacitor network is consistent, delta connection should be adopted; When the capacitor rated voltage is lower than the rated voltage network, can use star connection, or after combined in series, in parallel, then y connection. 1. Delta connection in 10 kv power grid, the rated voltage of 10. 5 kv and 11 kv capacitor, delta connection should be adopted. Its advantage is: can reduce the flow of input capacitor Banks and reduce operating overvoltage, usually short circuit capacity small substation and power distribution lines can use this kind of connection mode; When the capacity of capacitor set is small, simple wiring, saving investment. Its disadvantage is that: if the capacitor in the group have a breakdown accident, namely the formation of interphase short circuit, by fault point of current and short-circuit current; If network short-circuit capacity is larger, the capacitor shell or explosive, even cause fire, threatened the personal safety and normal operation of power grid. 2. Y connection rated voltage is 6. 3 kv and 11) 3 kv capacitor y connection should be adopted; Rated voltage of 3. 15 kv and 3 kv capacitor should be 1 1/2) again after two concatenated in y connection. The advantage of star connection is: A. Capacitor on the voltage phase voltage grid is, when a capacitor breakdown fault occurs, through the fault point 3 times of the rated current of current; When using each phase two series of star connection mode, if a capacitor breakdown, the current through the fault point is only to the rated current of 1. 5 times. Visible, y connection to prevent capacitor explosion; B。 After a phase capacitor breakdown, and does not cause a short-circuit. Will melt when the phase fault capacitor after resection, still can continue to run, the rest of the sound phase capacitor does not interrupt capacitor group of reactive power output; C。 Easy to choose the better means of protection. Its disadvantage is that: if the 6. 3 kv capacitor Banks for 10 kv power grid, the capacitor to use insulator for insulation, make it difficult to install assignments. In addition to the above two kinds of connection mode, in order to meet the large and medium-sized series and parallel capacitor group sets more, and to facilitate to match the better way of relay protection, also can use binary or delta connection. Its advantage is of high sensitivity, reliable operation, its drawback is that connection is complex, investment is more, so is only applicable to medium and large capacitor Banks. Capacitor set is discharging coil principle, discharging coil, English name: discharge coil, is the commonly used discharge capacitance ark components. Discharging coil of wire end is connected in parallel capacitor group two qualification side, bear the voltage of capacitor Banks, normal runtime second primary winding reflect a variable ratio, accuracy is usually 50 va / 0. Level 5, 1. 1 times the rated voltage under long-term operation. Second primary winding is generally take into open delta or phase voltage differential, which provide protection (internal fault of capacitor Banks Can't use the PT) on the bus 。 Second, the capacitor Banks open delta voltage protection, voltage imbalance protection actually is such protection. While such protection according to GB - To use in 50227, a large number of 6 kv ~ 66 kv single Y connection of capacitor group. Three, sometimes use discharge PT instead of discharging coil, the capacitor discharge using discharge coil still basically see the capacity of capacitor voltage transformer, generally small capacity ( '1. 7Mvar) Discharge of capacitor set with voltage transformer, high-capacity capacitor group ( ≥1. 7Mvar) Sure to use discharge coil, otherwise it will cause a voltage transformer of burned or explosion. Connection mode change impact: a, discharging coil and phase voltage differential protection are unavailable, jumper mode is not applicable, unless otherwise discharge coil design. Second, discharging coil adopts the crossover method and double as open delta voltage protection, just put the protection setting calculation of devices connected to the phase voltage rating to electric capacity of capacitor set in bus operation phase voltage on average, or design on the basis of the bus voltage phase. Three, must be used when the voltage of the capacitor discharge coil directly monitoring, jumper mode is not applicable.
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