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Capacitance breakdown is open circuit or short circuit?

by:SMiLer     2021-02-09
Capacitor dielectric breakdown the concept of the capacitance of electric field intensity under there is a limit, when the bound of the charge from the bondage of the atoms or molecules participate in conduction, damage the insulation performance, this phenomenon is called the dielectric breakdown. The conditions of the capacitor is punctured conditions to breakdown voltage of the capacitor is punctured. Work under is not higher than the breakdown voltage capacitor is safe and reliable, don't be deceived into thinking that only in the work under the rated voltage of capacitor is normal. Define critical breakdown corresponds to the voltage of PN junction occurred the breakdown voltage of PN junction BV, BV is reliability measure PN junction and an important parameter in the scope, on the basis of the other performance parameters of the PN junction, the value of BV is higher, the better. Breakdown is open circuit or short circuit breakdown after the capacitor capacitance equivalent to short circuit, the reason is that when when answering capacitance on the dc is look for open, pick up on the alternating current (ac) for short circuit, capacitance has a nature is hand over blocking, breakdown of a word is the understanding of the electrical short circuit, the causes of the formation of breakdown is mainly external voltage than the nominal voltage as a result of permanent damage, is called a breakdown. In solid dielectrics destructive discharge occurs, known as the breakdown. Breakdown, leave a mark in the solid electrolyte, solid dielectric insulation performance permanent loss. Breakdown, such as insulating cardboard will leave a hole on the cardboard. The word visible breakdown only used in solid dielectrics. Capacitance breakdown the root cause of the breakdown reason of capacitance is its dielectric insulation are destroyed, the polarization. The causes of dielectric insulation damage are: (1) the biggest pressure working voltage over the capacitor; (2) the capacitor quality is bad, leakage current, temperature rising, dielectric strength decline. To avoid the method of dielectric breakdown (1) made of high dielectric strength of materials; (2) insulation material has a certain thickness, and do not contain impurities, such as air bubbles or moisture. 3. Try to make the electric field distribution as required, to avoid power lines too dense in some areas of the world. (3) with the polarity capacitor polarity reverse or received the ac power source. Breakdown can recover after (1) the dielectric capacitor is a gas or liquid, all is the insulating medium, breakdown reversible; (2) the dielectric is a solid, breakdown irreversible, it is the only after the breakdown unrecoverable insulating medium.
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