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Capacitance ark secondary wiring diagram analysis

by:SMiLer     2021-01-27
What is the capacitance compensation cabinet most belong to the perceptual load, the types of load in power system and power electronic equipment is widely used in electricity enterprise is, the grid power factor is low. Reduces the equipment utilization, lower power factor increased power investment, damage the quality of voltage, reduce the service life of equipment, greatly increase the line loss. So through the tank connected capacitor compensation in power system, to balance the inductive load, improve power factor, in order to improve the utilization rate of equipment. Basic principle in the practical power system, most of the load for asynchronous motor. Its equivalent circuit can be regarded as the resistance and inductance in series circuit, the phase difference is larger, the electric current and voltage and power factor is low. Parallel capacitor, the capacitor current will offset part of the inductor current, so that the inductor current is reduced, less total current, voltage and current of the phase difference decrescent, increase power factor. Electrical capacitance ark secondary wiring diagram analysis: a drawing is a main circuit such as high pressure parts, a usually generators, transmission lines, the main transformer, circuit breaker high voltage, large current of main equipment, the second drawing is the control part includes control protection measurement, refers to the control, telecontrol, relay protection, instrument measurement generally low voltage, low current equipment.
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