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Build a happy enterprise - SMiler company summer tourism

Build a happy enterprise - SMiler company summer tourism


In order to enrich the life of employees, SMiler company will hold regular travel activities every year. From August 24 to 25, 2019, our company organized all members to have a 2-day tour of hailing island in yangjiang,On the afternoon of August 24th, after lunch, we arrived at our first destination -- zuimei hailing island [big horn bay], which is a famous AAAAA tourist attraction in China.
Waves, seafood famous in the world, is the most famous attractions of hailing island.

Gradually the night came, the dinner chose to have a barbecue dinner in the beach and the beach Dusk like a gray net, quietly spread down, covering the whole earth, SMiler company's family also at the end of the seaside barbecue are each back to the room to rest, refuel, ready to go, for tomorrow's fisherman pleasure boat to prepare.

During the two days, we enjoyed the pleasant scenery endowed by nature and the harmonious atmosphere of SMiler i family. Everything happened during the journey is worth recalling and recording. Our mutual love will last forever. Committed to the capacitor industry SMiler  company not only to do an excellent enterprise, but also to do a happy enterprise, finally to SMiler  every family, we will be better and better!

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