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Basic knowledge of circuit: the classification of the capacitance

by:SMiLer     2021-01-21
Used in our usual circuit, capacitance is often to see, but you know how much capacitance? Below I introduce the classification of the capacitance. Capacitance is the most commonly used, one of the most basic electronic components. In the circuit used for tuning, filtering, coupling, bypass, energy conversion and time delay. According to different medium, the divided into ceramic, mica, paper, film, electrolytic capacitor. Ceramic capacitors with high dielectric constant, low loss of ceramic material as medium, small size, small self inductance. Mica capacitor: mica sheet as dielectric capacitor. High performance, high stability, high precision. Paper capacitance: paper capacitor electrodes made from aluminum or tin foil, and insulating medium is paraffin paper, phase post-stack rolled into a cylinder, outsourcing moistureproof material, sometimes iron shell in order to improve the moisture resistance of the outer seal. Low prices, large capacity. Thin film capacitor: with polystyrene, ptfe or organic film instead of paper media such as polyester, made of a variety of capacitors. Small volume, but the loss is big, is not stable. Electrolytic capacitor: metals such as aluminum, bear, sawing, titanium oxide film as the dielectric capacitor. Large capacity, poor stability. Commonly used the capacity of the unit are: & mu; F ( 10 10 - 6 F) nF nF ( 10 10 - 9 F) And) PF ( 10 10 - 12 F) ,) The same as the resistance, labeling method. The selection of capacitance frequency, stress should be considered. Electrolytic capacitor also should pay attention to the polarity, make + received dc high voltage, temperature should also be considered. When mark omitted unit, the default units should be PF.
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