SMiLer is the strong brand enterprise of metallized film capacitors integrating R&D, production and sales.The main products: motor capacitor,capacitor manufacturer,fan capacitor.


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All employees of SMiler and their families watched nezha's demon child born

All employees of SMiler and their families watched nezha's demon child born


With the continuous development and expansion of SMiler company, the enrichment of corporate culture and the gradual improvement of management, the humanized management system of the company has been fully reflected. In order to relax, enhance the cohesion of the whole group, enhance the teamwork ability, enrich employees' spare time life and build the corporate culture, the company organized employees to watch the movie "nezha's demon child born" in the international film city at 6:00 PM on August 3,2019.


Movie is based on education, enlightenment function of film, let employees in watching movies to relax and get some enlightenment, through this activity, not only ease the employees at ordinary times working pressure and tension, and increase the cohesion of shun lai company employees, fully shows the team spirit, let us take a higher enthusiasm into the later work.
For SMiler company, which specializes in all kinds of fans and motor capacitors, the continuous progress of more than 10 years benefits from the growing strength of the country and the efforts of every employee. Employees have expressed their determination to continue to live up to the expectations of the motherland in this "good era" and continue to roll up their sleeves and work hard as before.


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