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A sign of capacitor method

by:SMiLer     2021-01-31
A sign of capacitor method ( 1) Keep standard method capacity unit: F ( Ferrari) 、μF( Micro method) 、nF( He method) pF ( Skin or slightly method) 。 Q = 1 micro = slightly, micro method =, = 1 slightly law 61012103106101 = slightly act 310, for example: four n7 said four. 7 nf or 4700 pf, 0. 22 a 0. 22 u F, 51, said 51 pf. Sometimes with more than two Numbers greater than 1 unit for pF capacitor, such as 101 said 100 pF; With less than 1 digital representation unit for u F capacitance, such as 0. 1 0. 1μF。 ( 2) General use three digital representation to represent the capacity, the size of the unit for pF. Before is made valid by means of the two Numbers, said after a bit rate. The Times 10 to the I, I to the third digit, if the third figure 9, take 10 - 1. Such as 223 j represents 22 x 103 = 22000 pf pf = 0. 22 u F, allowed error of plus or minus 5%; And as representing 47 x 10-479 k 1 pf, margin of error of plus or minus 5% capacitance. This representation is the most common. ( 3) This notation and resistor color code representation of color ring representation, similar color from one end of the capacitor or from the top to lead. Color code usually only 3 kinds of color, the first two ring as the valid number, the third ring as the bit rate, unit of pF. Sometimes the color wheel is wide, such as red and orange, two red rings painted a wide, said 22000 pf.
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