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1 fan capacitance. 5 2 uf uf can use alternative

by:SMiLer     2021-01-20
Use 1 fan of capacitance. 5 uf uf or 2, it is possible that ac fan, and the capacitance is communication of the fan motor starting capacitor, if the power supply part resistance capacity step-down capacitance may be a step-down use, below two respectively introduce the capacitance. 1, resistance capacity, step-down use, then the capacitance should be is capacitance or CBB capacitor, capacitance is capacity and pressure value, so if by 1. 5 uf into two uf capacitance will change, the circuit performance will also have change, according to the empirical formula, generally 1 uf capacitance output load around 50 ma, and 1. 5 uf current is about 75 ma, the current of the 2, it is possible that the motor speed regulation capacitance, the capacitance, three fire rating P0, P1, P2, P0 is safe at the lowest level, this kind of capacitor has no special fault; And P1 type of capacitor is fire or shock, and not only fire prevention, shock and explosion-proof. But the capacitance is compared commonly big, 1. 5 uf may be a bit small. But 1. 5 and 2 this two difference is very big, especially in the control of motor speed, to suitable capacitance can, or start the bad or other abnormal phenomena will happen.
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